Friday, 13 December 2013

Aloha to Epcot

We made a dining reservation 6 months ago for breakfast at Ohana at 730am. Who was the smart cookie who did that!?!?! We also made a minute change to visit Epcot instead of the Magic Kingdom today which meant that by the time we arrived at Epcot, we had already been on 2 buses and 2 monorails.

The bus rides to the Polynesian Resort was relatively painless. We were fortunate to have the bus for the Polynesian resort right across where we were dropped off at the Magic Kingdom. Breakfast was a relaxing affair. We had significant breakthrough with Jonah asking for photographs with the characters! Unfortunately, after this momentous decision, there was only one more character who came by and we headed on to Epcot.

Breakfast at 730!

Pineapple and coconut bread

The breakfast spread

along with fruit accompaniment



Is that Jonah?!?

And again?!?

Birthday cupcake round 483921

Upon arrival just after park opening, we strode quickly towards Soarin' where the standby time was already at 40 minutes. We also enjoyed the new Test Track before heading to the World Showcase where the children signed up for Agent P's world showcase adventure. It really was just Kim Possible re-worked but the children didn't care. Mexico was our first stop. This time, Malcolm and I were determined to visit each country properly. We managed Norway and China before we had to stop for lunch. It was likely good timing as Ethel and I were bamboozled by all things panda at the shops within China. Like all good chinese, we somehow managed to eat Chinese for lunch. The Lotus Blossom Cafe did the job. The lychee ice cream was a surprise hit.

Let's go to Epcot
Spaceship earth

My design at Test Track reminiscent of my trusty Honda Civic...

Enjoying the after-ride activities

Agent P's adventures. The girls team

The boy's team

Off towards World Showcase

Our first stop. Mexico

While the kids were busy doing this

The parents watched this

Next stop...Norway

Followed by China

Lunch at Lotus Blossom Cafe

The family squeezed in one last ride on Soarin' before returning to the resort for an afternoon nap. It was to be a busy evening back at the Park. Sadly, I was too tired so the camera didn't come with me. We rode on Spaceship Earth enjoying Dame Judi Dench's soothing tones before grabbing a bite at Sunshine Seasons. The beets and goat's cheese salad didn't disappoint and neither did the spicy tuna noodle salad nor the mushroom soup. But best of all, we got a 20% off discount voucher!  Hurray!!!

As Jason insisted that he had not been on Turtle Talk with Crush, we went in before going to the FP + reservation area for Illuminations. Once again we had difficulties with our FP+ reservation but more on that later. Illuminations was just awesome and hands down one of the best fireworks display ever. The spectacular ending is literally moving!

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