Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Our Second Sea Day

We had to move our clock forward one hour so a sleep in again evaded us!  We enjoyed our breakfast at Cagney's yesterday so we returned for more of the same. We, along with every other passenger on the ship, had to have our passports surveyed by Israeli control.... all in the one morning! The ship divided people onto floors who were herded in groups into various rooms to form multiple lines... you get the picture. Our concierge, Karabi, earnt her keep yet again by escorting us from our room straight to a waiting Israeli official who gave us five quick stamps, was kind enough to notice that our kids are beautiful, and sent us on our merry way. Maybe we can put a second bed in the Au Pair's room and find ourselves a concierge at home!
We dropped the two younger children for another attempt at trivia. It was a comedy of self-doubt. We forgot about seeing the thermometer that Galileo made earlier in Florence. We tragically got a Mickey Mouse question wrong. Sigh...Malcolm ended up having a chat to the Canadian guy who gave him a run for his money in the flag quiz. Malcolm kindly informed him that the faded orange colour should not really have caused a mix up between Ireland and Ivory Coast because they are the mirror image of each other. With that, we left have lunch with our family.

I took the opportunity to have another relaxing afternoon in the comfort of our suite, watching amother movie with Jonah and spending some time with my parents. Malcolm was content playing sports on the deck and going for a swim. Willie saw them and thought they might be hungry after their exertion and brought in a tray of cookies for us.

It was hard resisting the cookies but I had to keep space in my stomache for the Brasilian meat fest that we were about to have for dinner. I bravely tried a cocktail with strawberries and condensed milk but asked them to half the amount of alcohol. I'm still awake so that's a good sign! Unfortunately, dinner finished too late and we missed the evening show. Everyone wasn't too fussed as we all wanted an early night for an early start tomorrow.

Enjoying quiet reading time

The other 2 not as refined

Excellent club sandwich for lunch

Meat meat meat!

Two towelgamis in one day

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